F. Xavier Trias
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Welcome to my personal website.

My complete name is Francesc Xavier Trias Miquel. I was born in Barcelona and my mother tongue is Catalan.
I can also speak Spanish, English and some French; now I am trying to learn Hungarian.
I studied Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Catalonia.

My research focus is on fluid mechanics, turbulence modeling, physics and numerics of complex flows
, applied mathematics and numerical methods.  

Here you can find an overview of my research:

Regularization modeling &
Large-Eddy Simulation
Natural convection flowsForced convection flows
Results for C4 regularizationNatural convection flow in a DHCForced convection

Numerical methods for CFD

Parallel Poisson solver & HPC
Supraconvergence for unstructured gridsDNS code scalability tests

                                                                                  xavi@cttc.upc.edu       xavitrias@gmail.com